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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  August 1, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> hello there. i'm felicity bar. this is the news hour live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes iraq's kurdish leader calls on pkk fighters to withdraw from their positions in the north to protect civilians from turkish airstrikes. talks on what was billed as the biggest trade deal in history ends in dead deadlock. zimbabwe announces it's new restrictions on hunting after
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another lion is killed on its game reeverybody. >> and we have more on the robot robotic kitchen this is crab bisque. >> more on the indigenous sportsman who is booed at every match. >> hello turkey says it will investigate reports that civilians were killed in an operation targeting a pkk camp in northern iraq. kurdish authorities have called on pkk fight tours leave their bases in the north of the country to save civilian lives. well the regional kurdish president said that pkk separatists must withdraw to help reduce violence in the area. it accused turkey of bombing civilians.
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both the pkk and turkey now need to resume peace talks. al jazeera's report from the turkish city. president obama barzani calling on the pkk to withdraw to save civilians. saying if there were no bases in northern iraq then turkey would not be bombing the area. this raises the question of what will happen on the front lines of isil. pkk has been helping the government. they sent troops to the border to help them hold a 1,000 kilometer front line against isil. it seems that the krg are confident that they can hold the line by themselves. really these two groups are unlikely allies because they have a long history of conflict,
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and unlike the pkk the krg enjoys good ties with turkey. it's not only that, turkey is an economic lifeline for the krg. maybe the krg would like to get rid of a force that really could challenge its authority. the official line is we want to avoid northern iraq becoming a battlefield. but the pkk like i said, have been a thorn in their side. across the border in syria opposition groups have taken up arms against each other. there have been infighting, threatening the u.s. programs to train and equip a force to take on the islamic state in iraq and the levant. >> this is thought to be an airstrike carried out by the u.s. to support its allies in syria. it targeted positions of the
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al-qaeda linked al nusra front in alone 1930, but it came too late. they had already attacked the base of a new back group and on ducted it's commander and several of its men. it was a message to the u.s. and syrian who is cooperate with it. >> the 30 infantry division is a group trained by the u.s. congress and u.s. trainers in turkey. it's a national army that america is trying to create in syria in order to fight terrorism. as you know america classified al nusra as a terrorist group. the infantry's main goal is to fight isil. >> this knew syrian group received training as part of a program to build a force to fight isil. it appears that they didn't want to be filmed because working with the u.s. can easily create enemies among the syrian
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opposition. >> we're ready to coordinate with anyone fighting for the syrian people. i'm announcing this though your channel right now. we will fight isil or anyone supporting them either re,iran or hezbollah. >> but that's not what the u.s. trained and equipped program is about. it is about creating a force to fight isil, not the syrian government. the program has faced many difficulties since it was announceed. after months of delay it was launched in may and the pentagon was planning to train more than 5,000 fighters in a year. but so far it trained 54 in turkey. it wasn't the first time news are a target opposition groups, who have received support from the u.s. it has a movement in the civil revolutionary front was forced
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to disband. the actions have been a direct challenge to the u.s. the attack on division 30 is a set back. both news are a and division 30 are enemies of isil, but the u.s. considers news are a a terrorist organization. while it is not a target of the u.s.-led coalition against isil the u.s. has hit the al-qaeda linked group under news are a's protection. news are a feels that it is a target and has taken preemptive measures to protect itself. at the same time it has complicated the coalition's plans to fight isil in syria. southern turkey. >> well, let's talk more about the turkish airstrikes in northern iraq. joining me is the chairman of contemporary middle eastern studies. i guess no real price that turkey is now targeting pkk fighters in the north of iraq? >> no, not at all. to give you a view, an idea of what's happening. turkey has carried out irstrikes
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against the pkk and isis in syria. only three attacks against isis and 107 or so against the pkk. what does this tell you? it tells you the strategic priority of turkey. even though turkey has declared a war against isis, the real war is against the pkk. turkey does not distinguish between pkk and isis the priorities are clear. hit hard both the pkk and also prevent the kurdish forces inside syria from establishing autonomous region like the curd stance autonomous region. >> the facts the pkk and the kurdish peshmerga joined forces to fight isil in the north of
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iraq and now they're saying we don't want the pkk any more. the fact that they want pkk to go away, does it suggest that the kurdish regional government are confident that they can hold isil at bay? >> i think you're absolutely correct. if you ask plea about the kurdistan region it's really between between a rock and a hard place. >> they're two different groups. >> they're nationalists. at the same time kurdistan the kurdish northern region has really a relationship, a few years ago no one would have expected turkey and northern iraq kurdistan region to develop solid economic and trade relations. this is a strategic economic relationship all trade and president barzani feels that
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turkey is very important for him. this is a very come complex situation. he asked the kurdistan party to leave the kurdish region in northern iraq, and he also called on turkey to renew the peace talks with the pkk. that's why he's in a difficult position. >> he is in a very difficult position but he's in an unique position to keep fighting isil in the north of iraq. is it likely that turkey will take note of what he said about peace talks or is it a bit of rhetoric? >> turkey has basically put forward some conditions, the pkk must lay down it's arms. it does not should involve any kind of terrorist acts, and i think that's what turkey wants. the question is as long as the attacks continue both sides are getting attacked. turkey is bombing and the pkk is carrying out individual attacks against turkish forces. that's why the reality is
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without an if third force. this is why barzani could play a role. where is the united states in all of this? nowhere to be seen because the reality is the u.s. is focusing mainly on isis, it's priority, and it does not engage pkk or classify pkk as a terrorist organization. also my read something correct i hope so, it has made a major deal with turkey. because turkey has now joined the u.s. alliance against isis, so basically turkey has a freer hand to really go against the pkk as we have seen in the last few days. >> very complex situation. thank you so much for your insight. >> thank you. >> al jazeera has learned the
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jordanian government has been supplying syrian communities living long its borders with weapons. it because they are increasingly vulnerable to groups such as isil. >> this is a town in northwestern jordan where most of the country's 25,000 dru citizens live. because of their shared phase and close proximity the cities have had strong links with each other for generations. which is why so many here are worried about the intensifying violence just over the border. the mayor tells us the killing
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of 20 druzes in may by news are a andnusra. and. >> we call on jordan, we were promised support now we hope that the druze in this area will be safe. >> they have announced that they will support syrian communities along the board including the druze. while they have not said specifically what that support will be, al jazeera has learned it includes the deliveries of military equipment and weapons. >> the threat to the communities near jordan's border where syria is growing. this video is thought to show rebel groups targeting sites. syria's druze are facing increasing attacks partially because of their briefs, but also for being loyal to bashar
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al-assad. >> after it's military began carrying out airstrikes against isil late last year, protecting the border has become a top priority. >> if isil were to capture the area near our border the government sided to provide arms so they can defend themselves and act as a first line of defense. a decision that marks a major shift in policy as jordan finds itself increasingly drawn into the syrian conflict. al jazeera northwestern jordan. >> yemen's vice president has visited directs in aden affected by the war in yemen. he is the most senior official to have been to the city. he is also the prime minister of the exiled government was traveling with several members
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of the cabinet. the trip coincided with the world food program delivering aid in aden. we have this exclusive update. >> this is one of the first airlifts to take place since those loyal to the president now aid being delivered and it's unloaded by localities here. behind me to the right now you will see the passenger terminal of the international airport. when we arrived here a few months ago the sign red enter in peace and security. two things that millions of yemenis wished that they had. already an impoverishededs
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country now beleaguered by war and in dire need of humanitarian aid. look at the patrol towers. you can see the destruction that has been inflicted in the battle for this strategic city. around we see the armed men those fighters, like i said, loyal to president abd rabbuh mansur hadiabd rabbuh mansur hadi. many are volunteers and never had picked up a gun before. there are special forces that we've seen that we understand belong to the coalition. that has been supporting the government by request of president hadi to request some sort of security here in aden for the government to return with an outlook to hopefully as far as they're concerned not only in aden but the rest of the country. although they are in control of aden international airport the situation is still fluid.
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it is still somewhat turbulent. that's why they have come to deliver and it's staying on the ground with enough time to unload the cargo before it takes off because there is shelling and mortar attacks taking place. al jazeera, aiden. >> still to come on the program debris suspected to be from malaysia airlines flight 370 reach experts in france. >> i'm in selma alabama where organizers begin their march to washington, d.c. we'll be telling them why the battle for civil rights is far from over. >> and in brazil one of their star football stars has tested positive for banned substance. we have details in sports. >> well, it was billed as the biggest trade deal in history but it's all come crashing down. as ministers from 12 countries
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involved in the trans-pacific partnership failed to agree on the way forward. al jazeera's andrew thomas has been following those talks in maui and reports on what, if anything happens next. >> this was supposed to be the moment to announce the biggest trade deal in history. the summit in hawai'i lasted four days but over all trans-pacific partnership negotiations have been going on for more than five years. the ministers claims of meaningful progress rang hobble. >> this was certainly anticipated to be a make or break summit for these talks. therefore, are you disappointed that you're not able to announce at least a deal in principle? >> there is at the end of the day a limited number of difficult issues that require to be resolved. i'm gratified by the progress that has been made. >> each country hassen own priority.
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forj. >> i'm sure you are aware for mexico it's the seventh largest producer in the world and fourth largest exporter. obviously mexico has a deep interest so you can accuse me of putting myself to the front to really push the interest of my country. >> with a deal as complex as tpp deadlock in one area prevented progress in others. productions for specific industries exporting from specific countries were played along side general discussions of common regulations not only for trade but for production. that's where critics were concerned. ministers would concede on environmental standards or labor regulation it is they got their way. but big business would be given more power over consumers. the copyright period for medicines competing with
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generics would go on for longer and concerned many saying the world's poorest would not be able to pay the higher costs. >> for us this is a victory. we see australia come to mind standing up and saying we're not going to trade away health this week no matter how hard you lean on us. that makes a big difference for everyone. very glad to see that outcome. >> any principle deal needs to be ratified by national government and u.s. congress before then. without president obama pushing it it could disappear. >> no deal reached here in hawai'i undoubtedly some disappointment on the stage with the ministers. there is no date set yet for further talks. but the ministers say that they will go on. andrew thomas, al jazeera. maui. >> arab's largest economy china was not part of those talks rob
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mcbride explains why china will be happy the talks have stalled. >> the satisfaction and glee is almost palpable. in beijing this has been more than trade. it is the significance of the pact fashioned by the united states with their allies on this side of the pacific seeming to stifle the ambitions of the world's second economy in what it is considered it's own backyard. as america struggles with its grand plan china has been busy with its own trade families. as the tpp is further delayed it seems it's very relevance is being brought into question. >> debris that could be from missing malaysian flight 370 has arrived in the french city of
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toulouse for testing. it washed up on island reunion in the indian ocean. it brings a breakthrough on a crash that has baffled aviation experts for a year. al jazeera's charles stratford has more from toulouse. >> this is the french ministry of defense establishment where the investigation is taking place. now some of the buildings behind me similar investigations have taken place in recent years where the hub of the european aviation industry here. now it's believed that the focus of this investigation is really going to start to look at what is reported as potentially as a serial number on this piece of debris. the malaysian authorities saying that this offers conclusive proof that it does come from a boeing 777. if this is the case one has to think that it comes from mh 370
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because there simply has not been any disasters of that plane over oceans since the plane came into circulation. since the plane started to be flown. we've heard that they're going to try to establish how long the day brie has been in the water. oceanographers are saying it's not unlikely that this piece of day brie may well have floated 4,000 kilometers from the area where it's believed the plane went down to the coast of the island of reunion. whatever happens here there is a lot of hope that this piece of day brie could begin seriously to answer questions for the hundreds if not thousands of friends and families of the victims of mh 370 as to exactly what happened on that night march 8th last year. >> protesters are demanding better treatment for thousands of migrants who tried to get to england from northern france.
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some have even died trying to make the crossing through the channel tunnel that links the two countries. not everyone is as sympathetic. [ protesting ] >> they came a residents group campaigning for better treatment of migrants trying to reach the u.k. they say that the channel tunnel authorities and british authorities have to do more to save migrant lives. particularly the lives trying to make it through the channel tunnel by clinging to cars and trucks. nine have died since june. >> there were a lot of people who feel the way i do, which is migration is a force for good, we need to treat our fellow human beings with respect. >> there needs to be an european initiative that sets up properly managed refugee camps where people can be properly fed and properly processed rather than less to live like animals in the
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jungle. >> a few yards away protesters with an all together different view. they are both opposed to immigration of immigration of any kind. noisy with the usual symbols of english nationalism but an argument that resonates with some. >> we've got you enough here at the moment. we have to concentrate on our people here, our veterans o our homeless. allowing more people in our country will deteriorate our system even more. >> in what many people might see as the front line in this country's struggle with the immigration issue, colorful and noisy those these demonstrators might be, they are both extremes left and right of the political spectrum and it shows you how polarizing this issue has become. >> in this corner of england migration is creating strain.
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more than 600 uncompanied children are seeking asylum. 400 migrants have made it across since june. and relative to london this is not a rich place. when there is trouble in calais, the aftershocks are felt here. tunnel disruptions have led to traffic chaos and that's bad for business. the british prime minister has been forced to act offering more fences to control migrant access to the tunnel. he speaks of problems lasting all summer. europe's migrant crisis has reached the u.k. shores and it's politicians are beginning to feel its effects. simon mcgregor wood, al jazeera. >> zimbabwe has reduced new restrictions on hunting lions in its largest game reserve. it comes afterout cry after the killing of cecil the lion. it was announced as a press
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conference a few hours ago and follows the killing of another lion at the same bark. cecil was killed by a big game hunter from the u.s. they want that hunter to come extradited. >> we have reaction to the new restrictions. >> it's more than welcomed because a lot of these animals are becoming endangered. we have to try and get these laws enforced and carried out others these animals are going to disappear. if everybody plays their part, and the professional hunters with the code of conduct and ethics into place i believe it will work. the other thing is that cecil did not die in vain. it's because you know, we would like to see societies with these endangered animals like your
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elephant your lion. a lot of these endangered animals. your rhino. we've got major problems. if we don't stop it now they're going to be extinction within the next 15 years. >> and still ahead on this news hour from london, the protesters in taiwan trying to teach education officials a lesson. also testing the waters, just a year until the summer olympics. we're live from copa cabana beach to see how brazil is preparing. and the nba goes on on the prowl for future stars as it hosts it's first game. we have more in sport.
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>> beyond the verdict and on the streets. >> there's been another teenager shot and killed by the police. >> a fault lines special investigation. >> there's a general distrust of this prosecutor. >> courageous and in-depth. >> it's a target you can't get rid of. >> the untold story of what really happened in ferguson. >> they were so angry because it could have been them. again, a reminder the the top stories on al jazeera. the leader of iraq's kurdish region region is calling on pkk to the protect civilians. a number killed in air raids targeting pkk positions in northern iraq.
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turkey says it will investigate civilians deaths. talks on what was to be the free trade deal in history have broken down. leaders from 12 pacific nations have agreed to agree on terms for the trans-pacific partnership. the automobile sector is the make sticking point and access to dairy markets. zimbabwe has introduced new restrictions on hunting in areas surrounding the largest game reserve. hunters will need special information. the industry has been widely criticized after the killing of cecil the lion who was a major tourist attraction last month. >> the new leader of the afghan taliban has used his message to call for unity within the group. he vowed infighting would strengthen the group's opponents. he was elected as the leader after the group confirmed the death of its leader on thursday. people have gathered in the
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pakistanitable mosque where several hundred people had gathered to honor him. the u.s. secretary of state, john kerry has arrived in cairo. a deck aides long security relationship ended two years ago. the u.s. suspended military aid after the overthrow of mohamed morsi but relations, as ross cylinder jordan explains. >> this is the symbol the egyptians have been seekingalind jordan explains. >> this is the symbol the egyptians have been seeking. f-16s delivered by the u.s. two years ago, the obama administration suspended defense aid after the egyptian military kicked president mohamed morsi out of. the u.s.'s decision was surprising because of the long and close ties with egypt. officials were angered by what they considered a violation of political freedom. every year since 1987,
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washington has given cairo $13,000,000,000 in military aid. that will money pays for american-made fighter jets helicopters, tanks, ammunition and training. every other year egyptian and u.s. forces would hold a training exer size called bright star, but that hasn't happened since the arab spring erupted in 2011. when sisi attended the united nations assembly he met with u.s. president barack obama who said they had reason to work together. >> everything from the israeli situation in gaza to libya to the issues of isil iraq and syria. >> en so it wasn't until the end of march that the white house decided to resume most of the aid for what it calls national security reasons including egypt's efforts to deal with isil fighters who have been attacking its troops in the
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sinai "penguins of madagascar." washington decides what cairo can have. analysts say this is how the u.s. will pressure cairo on political and human rights. >> if the egyptian guilty does not take concrete steps in addressing these political issues, no amount of weapons to the united states can give no amount of recalibration can have a fundamental impact on fixing cairo's security problems. >> secretary of state john kerry has already met twice with sisi in the past year. their meeting during sunday's strategic dialogue will be dominated by security challenges. this will be a public demonstration of how the obama administration is recalibrating ties to a country that it considers an essential ally. washington. the palestinian president will lodge a complaint with the international criminal court over an arson attack in the west bank on friday which killed an
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18 month old baby. jewish settlers are suspected on the attack. the hospital treating his family says his mother and 4-year-old brother have life-threatening injuries while his father is in a critical condition. >> meanwhile, the funeral has been held for a palestinian boy who died after a confrontation with israeli troops near ramallah. the it is one of three incidents on friday where palestinians were killed. the army said the teenager had thrown a firebomb in protests about the attack which killed the 18 month old. >> heavy rains have caused more devastation and left at least 9 people dead in myanmar. 18,000 people have been moved to temporary shelters. seven townships have been described as badly damaged. most of those who died were in a boat that capsized. students are protesting in
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taiwan about changes to the curriculum they say changes the chinese version of history. growing anger after a student activist killed himself earlier this week. caroline malone reports. >> these students are outside taiwan's education ministry. they say they don't want the government's recent changes to their curriculum which contains to china's version of history that china was recovered by rather than given to china after 1945 and japan had occupied rather than governed it before. around 700 people, mainly students stormed the compound on friday. other protesters have joined them. >> reporter: more people flocked here in the evening, and many people stayed. >> there have been protests over the issue for weeks. people gathered on thursday after they had learned of the deaths of a student leader an apparent suicide. he was 1 of 24 students faces charges for breaking into the
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education minister's office last week. >> he has already given his life. such a dangerous situation. what kind of country will change its history at any time. is taiwan really a democratic country? >> these students are from a generation that respect more trans piece in public consultation. there have been a defendant series of protests including a trade packet with china. opposition parties have joined calls for the government to retract the curriculum changes. for many this is more than politics. >> ipey don't like either the democratic processes party. i hate to be labeled just because i support the demonstration. >> the education minister came out to meet the demonstrators on friday. protesters want all charges against them dropped, and they have called for him to resign. caroline malone al jazeera. >> the head of the failed bit coin exchange gulp has been
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arrested in japan. he was detained in tokyo on suspicion of inflating his cash account by a million dollars. it has been reported he denies any wrongdoing. bit coins are an online kurn see that allow internet users to transfer and store funds anonymously. it will says to have lost $350,000,000,000 of bit coins. it boasted it handled 80% of global bit coin transactions. crew members missing after a fire on a ferry in northern japan. 93 passengers and crew were evacuated after their ship caught fire off of the coast. legal media say the fire started in a truck parked on the lower deck of the car ferry. the boat was around 50 kilometers from its destination when the blaze broke out. a so-called journey for justice is beginning in the u.s. state of alabama with the aim of highlighting civil rights. organizers plan to march from
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the historic city of selma to the capitol, washington, d.c. the event, headed by the national association for the advancement of colored people coincides with the 50th anniversary of the boatvoting rights act. andy gallacher reports from selma. >> in the history of civil rights, few places are as iconic as the edmund pettus bridge where foot soldiers marched for voting rights and were met with clubs and tear gas that day became known as "bloody sunday" but it led to the voting rights act of 1965, giving african americans the right to cast votes for the first time in u.s. history. >> your vote matters, and as we visit selma and understand how the people fought hard -- >> selma remains as a living testament to those monumental
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achievements. many feel the battle is far from over. >> it's painful to realize that racism is still alive. and so many people spend time still trying to keep people of color from voting and strategies that they are doing to make that happen is disheartening. >> senator hank sanders was a student when he marched with dr. dr.coon king in 1965. he said the latest march will raise awareness of a wide range of issues? >> not only in voting rights but in equal jobs in equal education, and all across the field. and so that's why this march is so necessary 50 years afterwards. >> what the organizers behind this journey for justice are trying to do then is bring civil rights issues back into sharp focus to make sure the sacrifices and the achievements made here weren't for nothing. 50 years ago these protesters helped bring about what is
2:41 pm
widely considered one of the most important pieces of legislation in u.s. history. now, legislation is seen as targeting minorities and their votes is emerging as the new battleground. >> we have this modern day slavery that wants to treat us in many ways the same way. that's -- that's not what i thought would be happening in 2014, '15, '16, or '17. >> the civil rights chapter is one of the most important in u.s. history. for the next generation there will be battles to win. andy gallacher, al jazeera sell selma, alabama. >> raffa well a 12-year run of clay court success. the details. >> the ultimate kitchen gadget. is this the future of cooking? we step into the robotic kitchen.
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>> preparations for summer olympics are underway. there are some changes to overcome from all of that. let's go to copa cabana beach and speak to daniel excuse meler. i know there has been concerned about the water quality. can anybody be realistically done to improve the water at this late stage? >> the short answer to that
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would be no. the extent of the pollution is so great that they are not going to be able to turn that around in time to for the olympic games but the committee from the ioc, the organizing committee, is coming out to rio the next few days. they are going to look closely at that issue. i've got the atlantic ocean lapping around my toes at the moment and they just held a rehearsal, the triathalon the categories for their different degrees of disability of the athletes has just taken place. at a time doesn't seem to be a great issue. there is far more concern over the winters where the yachting where rowing will be taking place. that's going to be looked at very closely. but it has gone ahead with the para triathlon. things have gone smoothly. they seem to be happy with the organization. the waters in the atlantic ocean overall seem to be absolutely fine showing no ill-effects
2:45 pm
from these waters. >> that's good to hear. the one year to go of course isn't until wednesday. what is planned over the next few days to celebrate that occasion? >> i think we can say the countdown has really started today with this para triathlon, a big event here on the copacabana beach. sunday we have the full triathlon and some of the great names in the sports coming world champions, olympic champions from 2012 in london, alister, brownlees will be. the top athletes will be here in rio. there are three places at stake here the top three will qualify for next year's olympics. so, it's a rehearsal with a top edge to it. so, it will be very competitive. we will have yachting rowing and we are going to have the marathon swim in these controversial waters. really, the idea is to get the
2:46 pm
athletes used to the activities here and also to get the organizers in the swing of things and the people of rio. i mean they were fine last year but they know their football. they perhaps don't know about some of the sports that will be taking place in the 2016 summer olympics. it's a big education for all concerned, the resident organizers and the athletes. >> looking forward to the olympics there. daniel excuse meler schweimler. >> a star play has missed a match amid debate and dispute over whether he has been racially abused. he has been booed all season critics say it's because he is not liked. supporters say he has been punished for being vocal on indigenous issues. florence louie reports. >> reporter: anticipation and
2:47 pm
excitement as fans stream into the stadium for an australian football league match. there is disappointment knowing one of the teams players won't be taking part. >> i think booing and cheering is part of the game but it seems pretty obvious people are having a go at goodes. >> it's a nickname for adam goodes. a star footballer. he is on leave, stressed out by a controversy that started two years ago when a routine aged opposition fan called him an ape. goodes said that was racist. ever since, the boos have been getting louder every time he gets on the field. >> it has not only driven him to take an indefinite break but it ignited a debate on race issue here in australia. his supporters say he is being targeted because he took a stand and the usual taunts that happen in sports are hiding racist attitudes. outside the stadium, the show of support for him was clear. his jersey sold out fast.
2:48 pm
this weekend, players from other sports plan to show their support for goodes in various ways. there are some who think he is being sensitive. >> i has to stop looking like a it about him in this sense and, also stop trying to play the victim. >> others think year something part of sports. >> they maybe blew it out of proportion. if they didn't make it so big, in every, it happens in every sport. >> whether the goodes controversee is about sport or something more many say racism is an issue in auchttralia. in twaiment, the government apologized for some of the worst treatment of indigenous people. but they have admitted progress since has been meager. they say they want to see him back on the pitch, his fans. >> i want to go back to rio for a moment with the first official
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test for the olympics and para olympics is underway beginning those 12 months of intention preparations for the host city in brazil. more than 150 triathletes racing over the next two days in the olympic qualifying event, copacabana beach has been deemed unsafe while venues of sailing and rowing have been subjected of first debate. >> you actually get ill-from swimming in the water in the race, it's not an issue or you deal after the race. what you try to minimize is i willness during the race. not spending too much time in it employed beforehand if you are worried and taking precautions like making sure you clean and all of that kind of thing. i think i am certainly no stranger to dirty water. i have swam in a lot worse. >> brazilian football officials could be firmed star midfielder fred tested policy in chile. the 22-year-old midfielder is
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facing a suspension. if his second sample shows the banned diuretic. uefa investigating his playing when he should have been suspended after the failed test. >> it's been a landmark year for women's football with the most successful cupt in october. this time in england, the women's fa cup final in knotts county, the first to be played at the famous wembley stadium. the women's in a crowd of over 30,000 were there to see it. the only goal of the game jean yun. it's the first time the london club have won the ladies' version of the fa cup. men have won it plenty of times. rafael nadal has given himself a
2:51 pm
chance to extends his record on play at the hamburg open. he has won a tournament every year since 2004. this is his last chance in 2015, though. down to 10th in the world, nadal hasn't been at the top of his game but seems to have found some form at the semi final stages. brushed aside, he is looking good going in to sunday's final. that's going to be against fabio. austria's top female bowl vaulter has been paralyzed preparing for next year's xfx games. she fractured her cervical vertebrae and surgeons have confirmed that her sporting career is now over. the first mba exhibition game to be played in africa is taking place in joehannesjohannesburg.
2:52 pm
more than 35 clarz have been featured since the first to be drafted back in 1994. there are hopes many more will follow now. >> a super star comes home to africa. originally from cameroon part of the national basketball association basketball without borders outreach program. it's through this development initiative that the nba star got his big break in the world's largest basketball league in the united states. >> the only thing i knew about it was watching it on ittv but i saw it was possible and i got to like go against some of the best players in africa and that's why i was one of the best. it gave me confidence to keep on going and pushing. >> now he is sharing his basketed ball and life skills with aspiring players on the continent through coaching
2:53 pm
clinics. fans will get to see their hero square up on the board showcasing nba's finest. the johannesburg game pits a team of african players against a world team. tickets were sold out in just days with an additional fan zone set up across town. the nba won't say how much money it's putting into the sports in africa but does say it's a priority. >> it began in america. over one 00 players were born outside the united states. we have more than 10 players who were born in africa. so we feel, you know, games with a ball, you know, you can kick them or you can bounce them. and we think there is a natural affinity. >> while the association continues to develop programs and facilities to help the game's popularity the wlatest
2:54 pm
nba visit hopes to bring added lift to the sport across africa. al jazeera, johannes burg. >> what we can do now is show action because the 6,000 strong crowd there certainly weren't disappointed in what they saw. africa's first ever nba game was a thriller right from the tipoff tipoff. opening proceedings with a dunk. the crowd roared louder when the mctumbu -- mutombo and hackkim doned their own team universitiesned their own team universities 101 to 97. forb many people cooking din certain a daily chore one might try not to do. more of how putting something in
2:55 pm
to your stomach not creating a memorable beale. a solution. the world's first robotic kitchen. a taste test. >> it's time for dinner. every movement comes from a real shift prerecorded as he made his special speciality crab bisque. cooking dinner behind me seem to represent the way a normal chef would kick dinner. >> that's propo type installation. it will go on the marketed in 2018 priced at $75,000. the designers of this unit said that could come down substantially if the idea catches on. >> as futuristic as it may seem the companimans one day, each dish will be brought on line in
2:56 pm
the same way books and magazines are sold today. >> you have success to the unlimited library which is the intellectual property of maybe 100,000 people of chefs. in this case you can enjoy any kind of these dish potentially today if you have the same ingredients they use for the cooking process. >> much of the robot's skills come from a robotics company. >> they said let's replicate the capability in a machine. and so where we need to copy the human hand down to the last detail, we have done. but in other areas we have taken engineering compromises that give us the same performance but without the complications of things like knuckles. >> the company is looking at how the robot arms could be used at the food preparation stage beyond serving meals to those who can afford its hefty price t could also be put to other uses. >> this could have enormous social impact if you thought
2:57 pm
about it as assistance of elderly people. we have a crisis of not having enough carriers in this country. this could prepare fresh. >> making of crab bisque goes without a hitch. the robot serves up we are told is almost exactly the same as the chef's real dish. >> years of development are needed but the robot kitchen has the way to change how millions prepare dinner. >> itthe proof of any dish is in the tasting. very nice. >> london. >> you know i have watched that report a couple of times. i am never entirely convinced terric is impressed with the robotic cooking. >> that's it. join my colleague in a couple of minutes. bye-bye.
2:58 pm
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exclusive report from yemen as international aid arrived in the war torn city of aden. good to have you along. you are watching al jazeera. i am david foster. up in the next 30 minutes, iraq's kurdish letter said bkk fighters must withdraw from their northern position or more civilian lives will be lost in turkish airstrikes. a wing reaches expert's in france. new restrictions on hunting in zimbabwe


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